torsdag, april 21, 2016

Azure Marketplace and BizSpark

If you are a startup you should be enjoying the BizSpark program from Microsoft! For BizSpark members Microsoft include five MSDN Subscriptions with free Azure resources that can be used for development, test and production (that last part is exclusive for BizSpark members).

One feature of Azure that might not be know to so many is the Azure Marketplace and this should be particularly interesting if you are a startup!

In Azure Marketplace you can find Virtual Machine solutions that are ready to deploy to your own Azure Subscription. You can either use free services, trials, bring your own license or pay as you go.

In a previous blog post I have written a detailed step by step guide to how to deploy a Barracuda Web Application Firewall thru Azure Marketplace.

Here are some other solutions that fit a starup perfectly. Just click on the link and you will be taken directly to the right place in Azure Marketplace:

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