tisdag, maj 28, 2013

Using Live Writer again

Today I decided to start using Live Writer again for my blog and here are some easy steps to set it up. At the moment I run my blog on Blogger.com. Using Blogger is mainly of historical reasons and yes I know, I should move it to Windows Azure and run it on a Windows Azure Web Site!

Live Essentials

First of all you need to install Live Writer which is a part of Live Essentials. Download it and install it but make sure that you don’t install the apps that you don’t need. Live Essentials also include things like Messenger and some other apps.

Code Snippet Manager

While being a developer and blogging every once in a while you need to post code. Or at least you should! To post code PreCode Code Snippet Manager is a great plugin and also a desktop client.

PreCode Code Snippet Plugin

Drafts folder

To be able to sync drafts between different computers you can add an easy registry hack to change the posts folder.

Open regedit and navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows Live\Writer and add a new string value named PostsDirectory. Create a new folder on your computer in a SkyDrive or Dropbox folder and set the path to that folder in the string value PostsDirectory. Live Writer will create two folders named Drafts and Recent Posts. So, now its easy to start writing a post on one computer and continue on another.

Adding possibility to open older posts

To be able to open posts from your blog that you haven’t written with Live Writer you can use this excellent guide: http://www.technize.net/open-and-edit-any-post-in-windows-live-writer-2012/

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