fredag, maj 17, 2013

Windows Azure Benefits in BizSpark

As a member of Microsoft's program for startups BizSpark you have a lot of Windows Azure resources for free each month! Each BizSpark company gets up to eight MSDN Ultimate and each MSDN Ultimate have Windows Azure resources at a value of $6500 annually.

This post will guide you in how to maximize the usage of your Windows Azure benefits in BizSpark!

To activate your BizSpark Windows Azure benefits you need only three things. You need your Microsoft Account (aka Live Id) that is associated with BizSpark, you need a credit card to verify your credentials and you need this url:

The url above will take you to this page:

Here you can read more about Windows Azure and also click on the big orange button saying “Activate Windows Azure now“.

If you are signed in with the Microsoft Account connected to BizSpark you will get to this page:

Here you can see what Windows Azure resources that are included in BizSpark and continue with the sign up process. As I mentioned above you will need a credit card to sign up. This is primarily used to prevent fraud.

If you already have created a Windows Azure account for your main BizSpark account you can create a new MSDN Subscription for another Microsoft Account (Live Id). Each BizSpark membership can have up to eight MSDN Accounts.

To add a new MSDN Account to your BizSpark membership you sign in to the BizSpark Portal at Click on the link to My BizSpark and on the left hand side click on Members under the Manage headline. This will take you to this page:

Here you can now add a new member to you BizSpark team. This member with a Microsoft Account will be awarded a MSDN Ultimate Subscription. Sign in to with this newly added account and you will have even more Windows Azure resources at your disposal.
And if you are a Swedish startup and thinks BizSpark sounds cool, ping me on and I will hook you up with the right person!

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